Thinking Inside the Box

I’ve had the idea to use paper tole for some projects for a very long time and when Kit Leffler asked me for one of my box tableaus for a toy-themed art exhibit at Open Eye Figure Theatre, I thought this would be an opportunity to finally employ it.

Paper tole is a 3-dimensional picture is created from a number of copies of the same 2-dimensional image. Parts are cut from the prints and layered up to create the final image. I have always thought printmaking was perfect for this, since I could cut up my multiples and still have all the original works of art. They would look so textural as compared to making printouts on an ink jet.

The final component I wanted to work in was my increasing interest and use of tarot/alchemy/zodiac imagery in some sort of radial format inspired by Peter Apian’s  Astronomicum Caesareum.

What you see here is the final image. I hope to do many more of these in a variety of formats and sizes and with a variety of found objects.


Our messy working area.

Our messy working area.

The cigar box. Trying to figure out what to do.

The top is finished

radial parking spot

detail of Steve

"Steve Hunts for the Perfect Parking Spot" found objects and paper

“Steve Hunts for the Perfect Parking Spot” found objects and paper



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