The Sideshow

Welcome to The Sideshow, a new collaborative series of etchings that depict a ragtag band of misfit performers who meander through ambiguous storybook scenery. This is the first collaborative effort between Bandersnatch Press artists, and is a melding of their artistic approaches to printmaking. The artists developed drawings in tandem, passing sketches back and forth and drawing into and over each other’s marks. In the studio they shared the labor of preparing plates and printing, making for a more manageable workload. The whimsical imagery in this print series hearkens back to the children’s book illustrations of the artists’ formative years, but this time with a more mischievous (and cynical) spin.

This series was created for Highpoint Center for Printmaking’s Threshold Gallery during the summer of 2013. Below are the 6 prints from the show.

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