Terato Suburbythia Physiologus

Terato Suburbythia Physiologus

This body of work was created for the University of Green Bay’s Lawton Gallery. I was invited to participate in the Faculty Exhibition curated by Dr. Stephen Perkins and decided to create seven etchings as shown below.

I started this imagery for an group exhibition curated by Adam Martin for CO Exhibitions in Minneapolis, where I got to hang next to the likes of Edie Overturf, Jennifer Murray, and Joshua Norton. I was very grateful to him to invite me.

Below is a selection of five of the 7  images from the series.

Trish is Denied a Patent for her Teleporting Resource Integration Synchronization Haybaler Jim Realizes Mapquest Gave Him Wrong Directions to the Polar Vortex Leslie Relieves His Toxic Assets Behind the Chicken Coop Barry Packs Extra Socks For His High Fructose Corn Syrup Vision Quest Edith Tries To Repair the Wiki Leaks in Her debt Ceiling


Unnatural Selection

Here they are hanging on the east wall of the Lawton Gallery. I was grateful to be asked to hang in this exhibition.

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