Paper Theatre After Dark poster

Paper Theatre After Dark is here

UW-Green Bay’s Art Agency had the exciting opportunity to host Minneapolis-based artist Michael Sommers for a for a three-day workshop and performance March 27-29, 2014. Mr.Sommers has created a niche following in the Twin Cities, mesmerizing and delighting audiences with a cross-roads of puppetry, shadow theater, hand-crafted animation, performance art and Vaudeville-esque monomyth storytelling. The Art Agency was delighted to bring some of that magic and marvel to Green Bay area art lovers.

Mr. Sommers led students in workshops on March 27th and 28th to expand their current thinking and making of two-dimensional images using concepts of space, time, and play to animate through the gesture of human touch. The workshops culminated on Saturday, March 29 with a public exhibition and performance of the students’ work at Kavarna in downtown Green Bay.

Paper Theatre After Dark screenprint

I have felt that the gig poster scene in Green Bay is non-existent, so to advertise and commemorate our event we made a screenprinted poster.

Screenprints in drying rack

I think posters or broadsheets look best when all ganged up.

Behind the screen

A photo of the animating action behind the screen.

Shadow Theatre shot

Shadow Theatre shot

Shadow Theatre shot

Shadow Theatre shot

Shadow Theatre shot

Beyond facilitating the event for the students, I was able to make my own shadow theatre. For your viewing pleasure: “The Alchemist’s Indigestion”

The Naughty Alchemist

A detail from “The Alchemist’s Indigestion”.

Lil pooper

A detail from “The Alchemist’s Indigestion”.

The Cast

A shot of the cast and crew after the show ended.

Michael Sommers

Michael Sommers himself talking to the audience after the show.

The weekend was the highlight of my tenure at UWGB. I hope to continue doing more of this type of theatre and art.
I also want to thank my friend, Joel Ryan for doing music for the night; and Chris Rand for taking photos and video. Thank you to everyone, especially Alex Galt at Kavarna, that was able to make it and support the event.

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