Paper Theatre After Dark: Part Two

This is three of five posts in the series My Stint in Packer Country.

Mr. Sommers worked with art students to animate 2-D imagery using elements of puppetry and shadow theatre with overhead and opaque projectors. The workshops culminated with a public performance where students exhibited their animations in downtown Green Bay. I participated alongside students both in the workshops and performances, and the experience of working in methods unfamiliar to us (using low-tech animation, and working under tight time constraints) and performing in front of an audience was immensely rewarding.

A scene from the paper animation ‘Kraken Sculls’ by Brandon Langer, Phil Enderby, and Lauren Sinner.


nasty lil JJ

One of the characters in ‘The Alchemist’s Indigestion’ by Don Krumpos and myself.

Another leading character from 'The Alchemist's Indigestion.'

Another leading character from ‘The Alchemist’s Indigestion.’



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