Chicago Trip notes

We just had the opportunity to travel to Chicago to view some art. Here were some interesting things.

Smart Museum at the University of Chicago
“State of Mind” – New California Art Circa 1970

  • Barbara T. Smith
  • Allen Ruppersberg “Al’s Grand Hotel”
  • Eleanor Antin
  • Bruce Nauman
  • Sol LeWitt
  • John Baldesarri
  • Chris Burden
  • Susan Mogul
  • Linda May Montano
  • Bonnie Ora Sherk

Printworks Gallery

Ann Nathan Gallery

Joe Coleman


Carl Hammer Gallery

  • CJ Pyle
  • Bill Reed
  • Albert Zahn
  • Chris Ware
  • Met and talked to Carl Hammer. Represents outsider artists and Chris Ware among other. Talked about Albert Zahn’s bird Park in Bailey’s Harbor — a must see.

Catherine Edelman Gallery
Gustavo Lacerda (artist) “Albinos”


We met with friend, Christopher Cannon. He is now making toys which are pretty incredible.
Kaboom Toys – Christopher Cannon

He also mentioned looking at Laurent Durieux posters Very cool stuff.

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